I used to have a website for my old model railroad – the Summer Valley Railway – but after the free hosting server “went away” I didn’t bother finding a new server. Now, since a friend of mine started a blog for his model railroad – the NeverDone Railway I thought it would be a simple way to get a web site going for my new layout – the Bayside and Tidewater.

So, I thought I would backtrack a bit with the first few postings to let you know where I’ve come from to get to where I am now. This group of pictures is from the last run of my old layout which was 12′ x 14′. The next few posts will show you the changes that happened last winter to creat the new 12′ x 31′ layout.


The local has to wait at yard limits for the Jordan Yard operator to clear an arrival track. Photo taken during the last Summer Valley Railway Op session on Jan. 8, 2006 (Greg, Steve and Brian)

The sun is setting on LookQuick Pass as the last train to ever run on the Summer Valley Railway makes its way from the UMG Subdivision. The MOW crew have gathered to bid farewell.


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